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While We’re Home is a weekly newsletter series of essays reflecting on Transport Group’s 20-year history from our leadership, alumni artists, and friends.  Filled with humorous insight, personal growth, creative struggles and successes, we hope these columns will stand as a testament to the joys found in the process of collaboration through our 20-year catalogue. Check back each week for a new installment.  

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Creative and Breathless

by Scott Rink
In his pandemic life, absent from his art, choreographer Scott Rink reckons with the past 18 months.

One of the most profound experiences I have had as a choreographer was being asked to stage the poem “Renascence.”  Composer Carmel Dean set this epic poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay to the most glorious music.  Transport Group produced a workshop and later a production of the show (also called Renascence) around the writing of this poem.  With a book written by Dick Scanlan and directed by Dick and Jack Cummings III (Transport Group Artistic Director), this was something I had never encountered in my career: something truly epic.

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