While We're Home


While We’re Home is a weekly newsletter series of essays reflecting on Transport Group’s 20-year history from our leadership, alumni artists, and friends.  Filled with humorous insight, personal growth, creative struggles and successes, we hope these columns will stand as a testament to the joys found in the process of collaboration through our 20-year catalogue. Check back each week for a new installment.  


Rising to the Occasion

 By Mary-Mitchell Campbell
A twist of the arm led composer & music director Mary-Mitchell Campbell to one of her most cherished theatre memories.

“Jack was, and definitely still is, unlike anyone I had ever met before. Two years later, when he shared with me his plans to start a theater company he wanted me to be part of, I was elated! When he told me about his plans to do a new take on Thornton Wilder’s Our Town and have me compose a score to go with it, I was terrified.

I think I tried my “I’m really just a music director” routine with him, but luckily Jack has the uncanny ability to convince you to do things that you aren’t sure abou”

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