Artistic Director:
Jack Cummings III

Executive Director: 
Denise Dickens

Artistic Producer:
Hannah Oren

Digital Marketing & Communications Manager:
Meg Knorr

Finance Manager:
Jenny Rader

Individual Giving Manager:
Gabe Crawford

Outreach Consultant:
Marcia Pendelton
Walk Tall Girl Productions

Development Consultant
Advance NYC

Co-Founded in 2001 by Jack Cummings III & Robyn Hussa

Press Representation:
Don Summa, Representative
Richard Kornberg & Associates

Entertainment Legal Counsel:
Herzog + Sheffield, P.C.
Jonathan C. Herzog, Esq.

Marketing Consultant & Web Designer
The Herculean

Graphic Design
Alan Buttar

TRANSPORT GROUP is represented by the accounting firm of Blitzer, Gelfand & Cohen