Strange Interlude | Transport Group

Strange Interlude

The Pulitzer-Prize winning play by 
Eugene O'Neill 

Performed by 
David Greenspan (and only David Greenspan)

Developed with
Kristina Corcoran Williams
and Dane Laffrey

Directed by
Jack Cummings III

October 6th -November 18th 2017

Transport Group’s radical revival reunites David Greenspan, dramaturg Kristina Corcoran Williams, and director Jack Cummings III in an almost preposterous feat, as these three artists conceive Eugene O’Neill’s Pulitzer Prize-winning nine act, six-hour play  Strange Interlude into a solo performance. 

Nina Leeds’ life crumbles when her true love is killed in World War I. Flitting from one man to the next until she settles for a life she never wanted, stalked by the fantasy of the happiness she never shared with her late fiance. This saga from 1928 follows the lives of eight characters over the course of a half century. Transport Group’s production will incorporate the fragmented identities of each of these characters, and their colliding inner and outer lives over an entire lifetime, into a single performer, and turn one of O’Neill’s most ambitious works into an astounding theatrical event.

This piece represents the 1920s in Transport Group's on-going production cycle, The 20th Century Project


David Greenspan
Jack Cummings III
Dane Laffrey
Scenic Designer
Jen Schriever
Lighting Designer
Krista Williams