Requiem for William | Transport Group

Requiem for William

Based on seven short plays 
by William Inge

Conceived and directed by
Jack Cummings III

February 2 - March 2
The Connelly Theatre


Using a cast of 26 ranging from ages 8 to 80 and 10 composer/lyricsts, Requiem for William is conceived from seven short plays written by William Inge. Exploring themes of loneliness, pursuit of fame, and the longing to return to something one can never revisit, each play is followed by an original song that gives a unique insight.


The short plays include To Boblink For Her Spirit, The Rainiy Afternoon, The Tiny Closet, Memory of Summer, The Boy in the Basement, The Strains of Triumph, and A Social Event.


Robyn Hussa
Mark Ledbetter
Tom Ligon
Monica Russell
James Weber
John Wellmann
Dean Alai
Nicole Alifante
Madeleine Dopico
Toni Dibuono
Taina Elg
Lovette George
Holland Haiis
Tina Johnson
Samantha Jumper
Joseph Kolinski
Jack Cummings III
Kathryn Rohe
Costume Design
John Story
Scenic Designer
R. Lee Kennedy
Lighting Designer