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The Audience

Book, Music, & Lyrics by
Yvonne Adrian, Steven M. Alper, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Adam Bock, Joe Calarco, Mark Campbell, Mary-Mitchell Campbell, John Cariani, Brian Crawley, Jack Cummings III, Ellie Devers, Lewis Flinn, Jennifer Gibbs, Daphne Greaves, James Hindman, Matt Hoverman, Keith Byron Kirk, Sarah Knapp, Tom Kochan, Michael John LaChiusa, Michele Lowe, Steve Marzullo, Vincent G. Palumbo, David Pittu, Nancy Shayne, David Simpatico, Cheryl Stern, Lee Tannen, Ellen Weiss

Conceived and directed by 
Jack Cummings III

March 31 - April 23
The Connelly Theatre

The Audience is a new musical about an audience watching a Broadway musical. With simultaneous storylines and original songs, The Audience uses the talents of  30 playwrights, composers, and lyricists and 46 actors to create the journey of one vibrant group of theatregoers who venture to a Broadway theatre one rainy Friday night to see a ne contemporary American musical. The curtain rises on a pair of ushers stuffing programs. Soon, the house opens and the audience gradually enters and takes their seats.

Featuring book, music, and lyrics by Yvonne Adrian, Steven M. Alper, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Adam Bock, Joe Calarco, Mark Campbell, Mary-Mitchell Campbell, John Cariani, Brian Crawley, Ellie Devers, Ed Dixon, Lewis Flinn, Jennifer Gibbs, Daphne Greaves, Jeff Hardy, James Hindman, Matt Hoverman, Keith Bryon Kirk, Sarah Knapp, Tom Kochan, Michael John LaChiusa, Michele Lowe, Steve Marzullo, Vincent G. Palumbo, David Pittu, Nancy Shayne, David Simpatico, Cheryl Stern, Lee Tannen, and Ellen Weiss

Robyn Hussa
James Weber
Nicole Alifante
Jack Cummings III
Kathryn Rohe
Costume Design
John Story
Scenic Designer
R. Lee Kennedy
Lighting Designer