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All The Way Home

A revival of the 
Pulitzer prize-winning play 
written by 
Tad Mosel

based upon the 
Pulitzer prize-winning novel
by James Agee

Directed by 
Jack Cummings III

October 26 - November 18, 2006

A revival of Tad Mosel's 1961 Pulitzer Prize-winning play.  Including an original harmonica and vocal score by Ellen Weiss.  Directed by Jack Cummings III.

Transport Group presented the first New York revival of Mosel's award-winning play - based on James Agee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Death in the Family.  Transport Group's production included an original harmonica and vocal score written by composer Ellen Weiss, and performed live nightly by world-reknowned harmonica player, Corrin Huddleston.  A cast of Broadway veterans included: Barbara Andres, Patrick Boll, John Braden, Alice Cannon, Corinne Edgerly, Chandler Frantz, Patrick Gilbert, Joseph Kolinksi, Michael Lewis, Tom Ligon, Ben Masur, Joanna Parson, Monica Russell, Irma St. Paule and Letty Serra.

All the Way Home is a portrait of early twentieth-century family life and the crushing intrusion of sudden death.  Set in Knoxville in the summer of 1915, All the Way Home explores the generations of family relationships in a time of crisis.

Barbara Andres
Monica Russell
Jack Cummings III
Sandra Goldmark
Scenic Design
Kathryn Rohe
Costume Design
R. Lee Kennedy
Lighting Designer